Whitelist Application

We are currently accepting new whitelist applications, fill out our form with as much detail as possible to have the best chance at being accepted. To be eligible for whitelist, you MUST be a member of our community Discord, have microphone suitable for voice-based roleplay, and be 18+

General Questions
Character Background

If your character background is not 255 words, it will be instantly denied.
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Character Background (Minimum of 255 words)
Other Questions

A man walks up to you and states that his family is lost. He asks you to find more help or go with him to look for them. Give an example of both a righteous, and a dastardly example of what your character may do, depending on their alignment.
You’re riding your horse into Valentine after a long day of hunting. As you get closer to the town, you hear shrieks of terror and gunfire. You see three bandits running out of the Valentine bank and are heading for their horses around back. Two deputies are writhing in pain outside of the bank, immobilized by the fire fight that just took place. What do you and why?
What kind of scenario do you think is enjoyable for a criminal, a cop, and a civilian?
Do you have any clips of your roleplay? Please keep in mind applicants with videos will be prioritized over those without.
On a scale of 1-10, rate your own voice acting ability.
What do you think makes your roleplay unique?
What is a character you’ve created that you’re proud of, and why?
Do you have past roleplay experience?
What is RDM and can you provide an example?
When is it acceptable to break character?
What is the definition of Metagaming?
If you could have two superpowers and had to use them hand in hand, what would they be and why?

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