Server Rules

Personal insults and/or verbal attacks outside of roleplay, as well as other forms of harassment, are strictly prohibited.

Racism, homophobia, transphobia, hate and/or other abusive languages will also not be tolerated and will result in a permanent ban.

Roleplay and/or behavior that violates the Twitch Terms of Service (ToS) or Twitch Community Guidelines, and chat that violates Discord Terms of Service is strictly prohibited.

Our Server Rules

We are a English speaking server, you must speak this at all times and be able to understand it.

You must be 18 years or older to apply for Whitelist on WildRP. This is non-negotiable.

You must have a working microphone with no background noise and crystal clear output. Failure to do so will result in you being banned until it is fixed.

You are required to have an account on the WildRP Discord Server to get the correct roles and permissions.

Should disagreements or instances of rule-breaking arise, the first thing you should do is try to roleplay through it, without breaking character, If that doesn’t work inform a WildRP Moderator. Out of character (OOC) arguments will not be tolerated. If you believe a player has broken a rule submit a report here.

The use of glitches, exploits, or hacks will result in an instant ban from the server. If you find a glitch or in-game exploit please notify the team through a bug report.

Right & The Wrong

Reporting a player must be done through the Player Report form on our website. Likewise, bug reports will be submitted through the Bug Reports form.

Stay in Character

Roleplaying (RP) is the main purpose of this server. You must play as though you are the character you’ve created, and your behaviors and interactions in the game should reflect your character’s behaviors and mannerisms. You must stay in character at all times while on the server. Failure to do so is classed as FailRP and will result in action.

Value of Life

At all times during roleplay, you must value your life and the lives of others. Your character is mortal and only has one life. They should act according to their personality and mannerisms when faced with a threat to their life. This does not mean that a “brave” character can ignore a gun pointed at them, failure to abide by this rule may be seen as Power-Gaming and/or FailRP.

Never Ignore Roleplay

You are expected to engage in the roleplay that is taking place around you on WildRP. This is not to say that upset characters cannot ignore someone, or that angry characters cannot say “No!” to ideas and invitations, however players that simply ignore everything and everyone around them will be seen as engaging in FailRP.


Meta-Gaming (also known as Stream Sniping) is using external factors, information, or knowledge your character would not be able to obtain through normal means of gameplay. This includes, but is not limited to, information gained through live streams, videos, and out of character text channels both on Discord and in-game, watching a live stream while inside the server is strictly prohibited.


Power-Gaming (also known as Forced Roleplay) generally happens when someone sacrifices roleplay to favor their character or to “win” a given scenario. There is no “winning” or “losing” within roleplay, and we view this attitude as detrimental to a good roleplay community.

New Life Rule (NLR)

At NLR or new life rule means that if killed you won’t recall what/who killed you or the events leading up to your character getting downed. You may not return to the place of your death for at least 15 minutes and you may not seek revenge unless it is shared with you who killed the character through RP. If the character is downed and can be revived by a local doctor before the respawn timer expires.

No Random Deathmatch (RDM)

Random Deathmatch is the act of harming another character without any form of interaction before or leading up to, the act that would do said harm. Accidentally injuring another player is not considered RDM as long as there is an attempt to initiate roleplay after the fact. Should you accidentally RDM someone and make no effort to stop and interact (outside of a sheriff pursuit) this could be seen as a breach of this rule, and FailRP.

Limits on Group Roleplay

Players engaging in criminal roleplay should strive to have no more than four members in their group unless deemed essential to the roleplay. This is to balance the risk/reward of criminal activity on our server. Players engaging in a more social style of roleplay are not limited by group size but should remember that this kind of roleplay, in large groups, can be detrimental to the overall ecosystem of the server itself.

No Ambush Roleplay

This is to be changed* You may not plan to ambush other characters without first consulting the player directly through either Discord you must also inform a member of our staff team. This is deemed essential as Ambush Roleplay can sometimes be seen as RDM and/or Power-Gaming, it’s also considered to be a hard “stop” to any ongoing scenario. Ambush Roleplay is defined as a surprise attack by people in a concealed position

Extreme/Sexual Roleplay

We do not tolerate any form of terror, racism (including racist language), sexism (including sexist language), sexual harassment, or rape roleplay. Likewise, erotic roleplay is strictly prohibited.

Roleplay through which a character may be killed, significantly altered, disfigured, or which would realistically change the long-term behavior of a person must be agreed to by the parties directly involved,

Restricted Areas

Such as sisika penitentiary and sheriff holding cells are strictly prohibited unless accompanied by a Law Enforcement Officer. Loitering is also discouraged.

In-game issues

Including rule-breaking, bugs, drama, and anything else you feel needs to be discussed and/or reported to a WildRP team member.


Of Law Enforcement Officers, Medical Staff, and/or is prohibited. Any clothing linked to these should not be worn unless approval has been given by our staff team

Baiting is strictly prohibited

This is the act of intentionally drawing attention to yourself from Law Enforcement because, but not only, you’re bored and/or simply feel like having a chase, shootout, or other “dramatic” interaction with Law Enforcement.

Chain of Communication

WildRP utilizes a strict flow of communication from both non-whitelisted and whitelisted individuals to members of Staff. This is known as the Chain of Communication. Essentially, there is a flow in which communication from regular members makes its way through the administrative channels of this server. This is how the system works:

- You have a question about something regarding WildRP (in or out of character). The first person you should contact is a member of the Support Staff.

- If the member of the Support Staff cannot answer your question, they will contact a Community Manager about it. If further information is needed from you, the Community Manager will privately message you.

- If the Community Manager cannot answer your question or resolve your issue, they will contact an Admin. However, a Community Manager usually will be able to do this. Only in special circumstances will a complication or question be forwarded to an Admin!

- If a Support Staff member doesn't respond to you immediately, please don't flood them with messages. Please try to contact another member of the Support Staff. If none of them respond, which is highly unlikely, please wait eight hours before moving forward with contacting a Community Manager.

This is a fairly simple system; one that ensures clear communication between community members and the Staff of WildRP. We humbly ask that you follow this procedure when something urgent comes up that needs attention from a member of Staff. Failure to follow this simple procedure will result in a warning and punishment if taken advantage of.

Non-Player Character Interactions

The NPCs around the map are to be treated with the same level of respect that you'd give to any Player Character that you encounter. It's common and okay, to refer to them as "Locals" but it's not acceptable to treat them as disposable. Without these NPCs the world you roleplay in would feel incredibly small.